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Genre RPG
Developer Anton Riot
Publisher Bitbox ltd.
Release date May 31, 2018
Platform PC
Price $19.99

Disdoored is an early access survival game featuring entirely handmade plasticine art. The world is being invaded by mysterious Doors that spew forth a variety of monsters, and the sap of a carnivorous Lily plant is the only way to stop them. Players must build, farm, and defend their base, raid the Doors for loot, and grow and appease Lily to eventually create a superweapon capable of defeating the Doors for good.

Official description[edit | edit source]

Disdoored is the game about survival in a crazy plasticine world. Develop your farm, breed new domestic animal species, search for ancient technologies and defend your base from monsters. This world HAS to be disdoored!

A sapling of carnivorous Lily plant was found in the ruins of the ancient laboratory. This plant hides an enormous power in it. It is the only weapon against the mysterious doors that pop up around the world and bring all types of monsters into this world. But you need to grow this Lily first and it will not be that easy! Players and their friends are playing with a multicolored plasticine guys that are trying to survive in the WWW (wild weird world), building up their base, farm and defences, raiding mysterious doors for all types of loot and, fulfilling Lily’s needs and desires so it can grow and eventually provide a super weapon that should stop the doors invasion once and for good. This world has to be Disdoored!

Game features[edit | edit source]

  • Explore the vast procedurally generated world that is 100% handmade of the plasticine;
  • Farming. Find different plants seeds, fertilize and water them, but be careful - bombs or alive pumpkins can be grown up by you! Look out for the season and make sure to defend your crops from the monster raids!
  • Breeding and selection. Catch some animals to tame and later breed them to create some new species. You can grow a small happy slimeball into a horned hedgehog that will defend you during your adventures or into a big milky snail that you can actually milk. More than 30 types of animals will supply you with a food and resources, will defend your base and will accompany you in your dangerous adventures!
  • Different playstyles supported: you can be a peaceful farmer or take everything by the force. A wide variety of guns, bombs, grenades, swords and other types of weapons will help you a lot!
  • Coop network multiplayer up to 4 players. There will be plenty of doors for all of you!
  • Doors. You can find treasures, ancient technologies and artifacts behind them. Or your death. Or nothing. Or something… Can you figure out the mystery of the Doors?
  • The Legendary Popcorn Gun (TLPG). That is the only real reason why we’ve made this game at the first place.

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